Microwave Transponders in Trees and Forests – What We Need to Know

Forestry in Denver, CO

What forestry looks like (Denver, CO)

As the consistent sprawl of communities and nations continues to encroach on the natural world, we see technology setting its mark on these areas just as it has done on the city centers throughout the developed world.  With the rise of cell phone technology and other modern conveniences, it has become necessary for even the most modest outcropping of nature to be harnessed for its technological and commercial gains.  This has also made it possible for the scourge of microwave technology to spread out from the large metropolises and become set throughout the larger nation.  Frankly put, there are fewer and fewer places to hide.

Take for instance the common tree.  It’s the single representation of nature for most people.  While we’ve heard the common stories of the “last tree in brooklyn” and other euphemisms for the reductions of open space and natural wonders in our countries cities, we’ve had plenty of space in the lesser populated rural areas.  Take for instance upstate New York, or areas of Colorada outside of Denver.  These areas are packed full of trees, so much so that we’ve no longer got a problem with deforestation in the United States (this trend is also represented in Europe and most other “developed” countries, as the need for timber wood has been carefully balanced against the use of trees and the replenishment of forest areas).  You would think that this is a perfect area to escape “the grid”, as it were, but the big tech companies as well as the government have other plans for it.

Tree Service Professionals Talk About The Issue

If you want to get the scoop on how technology becoming ever more present in our nations trees and natural lands, we can talk right to the source.  Tree services spend all day in the trees, largely in the suburbs working on homes or businesses.  However most also have experience with larger scale forestry which takes into account both urban areas of trees (like city parks, for instance) and larger areas that more resemble forests before civilization encroached (national parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite, for instance).  Tree service denver colorado is one example, as they have access to both the suburban nature seen outside of many cities as well as the Rocky Mountains and their exceeding natural wonders.

What they’ve mentioned to us (under the condition of anonymity) is intriguing, if not frightening.  We’ll talk more about it on our next update to this article.  Expect it in the next few weeks.



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