Microwave technology in cell phones

Cell phones have become the most widely used wireless communication device but most people do not know how it works. A cell phone is just like a two way radio, you can send as well as receive information wirelessly. There are several major components of a cell phone system including: a network processing center, cell towers and the cell phone itself.


The microwave is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Communication within a cell network is made possible by the cell towers, the cell phone establishes a wireless connection using electromagnetic waves of the nearest cell tower creating a two way connection that allows you to send and receive information. The cell tower is connected to the cell network making it possible to communicate with any other phone in the world.  Additionally other discount cell phone accessories make sure of shortwave radio waves and microwaves, including bluetooth devices.

Therefore when you call another cell phone in the same network, the cell phone connects to the cell tower which in turn connects to the processing center of the network. The network connects to another cell tower which connects to the receiver’s cell phone. This happens in barely a second.
Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic waves just like ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, gamma rays and x-rays. There are many applications of microwaves including in communication, cooking and radar. The wavelength of a microwave ranges from one metre to one millimetre

How microwaves work in cell phones

Microwaves are used in cell phones to receive and send a text message, information, video clips as well as images. A cell phone receives microwave signals from the closest transmitter then sends a microwave signal back. The microwave radiations transmit a lot of information in a short time. The microwaves are generated by a small antenna meaning that the cell phone does not have to be big. Wi-Fi also uses microwaves.

Drawback of microwave technology in cell phones

Since cell phones are small, they cannot put out much power and they require a line of sight to the closest transmitter. This means that cell phone companies should have many transmitter towers to be able to serve many customers.

Danger of microwave technology in cell phones

Since the mobile phone is held right on the head, research has indicated that the doses of microwave radiation in cell phones can affect a user’s brain. Young people with growing brains are more vulnerable to this danger.  To reduce the effects of microwave radiation, cell phone users should not spend too long on the phone.

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