Dear Visitor:

In 1990 I became interested in whether the U.S. Government was conducting any classified research on unconsenting human subjects and placed advertisements in two progressive publications to find out. Of course, I was concerned that I might be deluged with hordes of stories concocted by psychology graduate students, but I needn’t have been.

I believe altogether I received seven replies over about as many months. Two of these were congratulatory responses from persons who had harbored the same curiosity that led me to place the ads. Five of the replies were from persons who had every reason to believe they were the subjects of unconsented human research, one of which was from a woman who had undergone a terrible ordeal at the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency forty years earlier, an ordeal for which, incidentally, she had received no compensation whatsoever.

From this small beginning, by August of 1994 I had collected 28 cases in all of involuntary human subject research. Then the cases began to multiply exponentially, as did the documents I was collecting in an effort to reverse engineer the apparatus necessary to produce the effects being reported.

The simplest possible explanation consistent with all of the casework and research we have done is that yes, indeed, the United States has had an Electronic Concentration Camp System (ECCS) up and running for 30 years now; that like its Nazi predecessors it is a system of containment, surveillance, labor, torture and death; and that the websites and chat rooms proclaiming as much are to be trusted no matter how subjectively (and imperfectly) the persons concerned describe what is being done to them.

We are convinced that the best possible future would be to release the prisoners from the ECCS and destroy the whole cruel, inhuman and degrading institution.

Sincerely yours,

Harlan Girard
Managing Director

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