Taken from a statement by
Harlan Girard, Managing Director
International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons
on the
“NIEHS Working Group Report”

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Washington, D.C.
September 28, 1998

My name is Harlan Girard, and I am the Managing Director of the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would like to comment in the broadest way possible on the Working Group Report, rather than specifics, because lurking behind the science of human health effects from exposure to power-line frequency electric and magnetic fields are powerful interests and government programs whose existence has never been publicly acknowledged. Yet they are always present, or re-presented, in debates concerning the science itself and the continued funding of science seeking answers to the questions you have addressed. And their interests are not your own.

In 1982, an obscure organization called the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future published a study titled “Future Agenda”. The Congress is always focused on problems requiring immediate resolution. The obscure chairman of the Clearinghouse proposed to take a look into the future by polling all the subcommittees in the House of Representatives. He asked them to tell him what they believed would be the burning issues before their subcommittee ten years in the future.

In two places in that report, “Future Agenda”, the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ are used, and in one place the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ are linked with the words ‘and mind-control mechanisms.’ I have never seen the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ used in any other government report. We’ve never had the public discussion of ‘offensive microwave weapons’ which should have occurred by 1992, but these weapons are out there and they are being used on human beings, both experimentally and operationally.

Because of my interest in the technology of ‘offensive microwave weapons’, I am frequently contacted by people who believe they are being assaulted (and mind-controlled) with microwave weapons by the United States Government. Since 1990 I have spent countless hours listening to these people and attempting to separate truth from delusion, to separate the credible cases of involuntary human experimentation from people who “wanna be” victims of government research.

In 1991, I had a long conversation about the problem of ‘mind-control mechanisms’ with W. Ross Adey. He counseled me to forget these victims because the Central Intelligence Agency would soon lose interest in electric and magnetic field effects and go onto something else. The outcome has been quite the opposite of what he expected, and in recent years the reports crossing my desk (and tying up my telephone) have accelerated greatly. Not only that, but new words are entering the vocabulary of the military and intelligence establishments: biological process control, cognitive warfare, synthetic telepathy, information operations, beta wave incapacitators and psycho-technologies.

Now I took the words ‘offensive microwave weapons’ as the name of my public interest advocacy group because the obscure Chairman of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future in 1982 is a very prominent man in 1998. His name is Albert Gore, Jr. (Vice President of the United States of America). So we know that at the highest level of government discussions have been held about ‘offensive microwave weapons’ and ‘mind-control mechanisms’.

My point is this: how can the United States Government endorse and fund and act on the health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields at the same time as it is weaponizing the biological effects and health effects of those very same fields? What interest does the United States have, particularly in health effects, when human beings are being involuntarily exposed to enormous amounts of radiation in a Manhattan-type project to unlock the secrets of the human mind and consciousness?

The biological and health effects of human exposure to electric and magnetic fields of every frequency are already well known to the military and intelligence establishments. They are being weaponized. I urge you to join me in asking that those Special Access Programs in which such involuntary human experimentation takes place be opened, for the health and well being of all mankind.

The Active Denial System

The active denial system is a directed energy system that said to be non-lethal weapon initially invented by the U.S military force.

The need for active denial system

The Active Denial System ads is needed in light of the fact that it’s non-lethal and counter-work force system much more than the present day lethal weapons. A motor based system has a higher danger of human injury, and its viability fluctuates in connection to the size, age and sex of the objective. The Active Denial System is effective with respect to size, age and sex. The Active Denial System will furnish military faculty with a non-lethal weapon that has a similar impact on every single human target.

The legality of active denial system

The technology has experienced a fully legal and treaty analysis and has been observed to be consistent with the global legal commitments of the United States. These legal commitments incorporate the law of war settlements and arms control assertions to which the United States is a member to, standard worldwide law, domestic law and U.S. strategy. These reviews have demonstrated that there are no legal preclusions to the development and application of this technology when it is used legitimately and as per fitting strategies, methods and systems.

It is a non-lethal weapon

The Active Denial System was specifically developed as a non-lethal weapon. For this technology to end up plainly lethal, the energy bar introduction would need to be supported and drawn out many circumstances over the term required to accomplish the repulse impact. The Active Denial System consolidates many levels of control to guarantee a sheltered and powerful repulse impact. The equipment in the system enables the administrator to see the entire bar way and target range and requires no modifications for ecological variables, for example, wind. Furthermore, changes to engagement methods, programming overhauls, enhanced agendas, different individual approved consistency and improved preparing procedures to Active Denial System controls have been fused to limit the possibility of injury

New Amazon Dash Buttons – What Technology Do They Use (Microwave??)

The new Amazon Dash Buttons are seemingly a device of the future, allowing you to purchase items at the click of a button, literally. This little button isn’t just on your computer though it’s a physical button that you can place anywhere in your home. Once you click it, Amazon automatically places an order for the product that your button is designated to order and in two days your delivery will be right at your doorstep. Which will leave you questioning, what technology do they use to accomplish such a feat?

How is it Designed

Dash button fits right on a washer/dryer...

This button is designed with simplicity in mind. The Amazon Dash Button is powered by an AA battery, but it uses an ultra-light power saving mode with amazing efficiency, a circuit board and a couple other simple components; such as a Broadcom WiFi Controller. The WiFi controller syncs with your internet router and only draws on the WiFi when the button is pushed. Because the button also turns the device on, the Button will initiate a low powered state while it orders your product from Amazon directly. When the order is completed and the device receives a confirmation signal from Amazon, a green light turns on and the Button goes back to an unpowered state. Which means the AA battery in this device will last for a long time; Amazon claims that it should last for up to 1,000 clicks.

The STM32F205RG6 processor and ROM chosen for the Amazon Dash Button hold the code required to complete the order transaction, and other bits of information essential to completing its designated task. If the device successfully completes an order, you will see a green LED light. You will also receive an email notification of your purchase with the option to cancel it within the first thirty minutes of it being placed. However, if the order is unsuccessful for any reason, then the LED light flashes red and returns to its unpowered state allowing you to try to place the order again.

Efficient Product – But Fail Safe?

Despite the streamlined efficiency and ease of use of this device, it has a couple fail safes in case things go awry. Regardless of how many times the button is pushed, only one order will be placed. Like pictured, it’s often placed on a matching washer/dryer system to use for soaps and detergents, which is handy, but what if its pressed accidentally? Amazon’s button won’t be able to place another order for the same product until after the first order has been delivered to your door. Thankfully it won’t matter if you forget that you pushed the button two hours ago and push it again, you will only receive one order.

The Amazon Dash Button also comes with a microphone but it’s not used for voice related tasks, instead the Amazon App communicates with the Dash button via your phone, through a series of high pitched frequencies. These sounds are used to transfer bits of information to the device, such as how to connect to the WiFi router.
Overall, the Amazon Dash Button is a very simple device but it’s powerful enough to complete an order within moments and notify you of how that order went. Essentially the button is a little computer programmed specifically for ordering products off Amazon, and because it works as a computer Amazon is already designing ways to improve the button and make it more versatile for everyday use.


The Ubiquity of the Microwave Oven – Are Repairs Even Necessary Anymore?

Microwaves are so prevalent in peoples homes nowadays that the cost of repair might outweight the cost of a full replacement.

Microwaves are so prevalent in peoples homes nowadays that the cost of repair might outweight the cost of a full replacement.

If you have a microwave that is broken for one reason or the other, there are two options that you have here. You can either discard it, or you can have it repaired so that it can go back to your kitchen to be used again. Although some people might replace it, it is wise first to see if it can be fixed and this is what is important. Although, if you have been using it for many years and you feel like you have already done enough repairs to it, then it is advisable to dispose of it safely so that it does not harm the environment in any way. So, if you are thinking about having it repaired, here are the repair costs that you should be aware of. These costs may vary from one place to the other, but the fact is that they are the standard charges and you need be charged within these limits. These costs will save you any exploitation that you might suffer at the hands of any technician that is taking care of the microwave.

Cost of a Potential Repair

The repair rate for microwave technicians can vary depending on your country or necessary level of expertise.  Generally speaking $70 for every hour of repair is the standard charge for any technician that you take your microwave to. However, this will also depend on the extent of the damage that has been inflicted on your machine. Therefore, make sure that you have not completely ruined the machine before you take it to the repair shop. A lot of people will attempt fixing it before taking it there, and this can cause even further harm to the machine, It is, therefore, advisable to just take it to a technician and not try to damage it any further. You are not a technician and do not try to be one as you will spoil something that was perfectly working, and this will cost you, even more, money that you probably would not have spent if not for your curiosity.

Spare Parts Are Extra

This $70 does not include the price that it takes actually to get the spare parts. This is only the money that you will pay for it to be taken care of by the technician. Therefore, it is good to strike a deal with him before he can begin working on it for you to know exactly how much it will cost for the whole repair process to be taken care of. If you get to haggle a bit, you will find that the prices that you will be charged will be subsequently lower. However, make sure that you do not use more than the price of a new microwave. The cost of getting this repaired should be in the range of $100 – $150 to have it all fixed. If the cost is more than this, then you might consider getting a new one so that you do not have to pay to repair what you can pay to get a new one. So, if you are wondering if you should repair or discard your microwave, consider the cost that it will take to repair and the cost of getting a new one and therein lies your decision.

Microwave Transponders in Trees and Forests – What We Need to Know

Forestry in Denver, CO

What forestry looks like (Denver, CO)

As the consistent sprawl of communities and nations continues to encroach on the natural world, we see technology setting its mark on these areas just as it has done on the city centers throughout the developed world.  With the rise of cell phone technology and other modern conveniences, it has become necessary for even the most modest outcropping of nature to be harnessed for its technological and commercial gains.  This has also made it possible for the scourge of microwave technology to spread out from the large metropolises and become set throughout the larger nation.  Frankly put, there are fewer and fewer places to hide.

Take for instance the common tree.  It’s the single representation of nature for most people.  While we’ve heard the common stories of the “last tree in brooklyn” and other euphemisms for the reductions of open space and natural wonders in our countries cities, we’ve had plenty of space in the lesser populated rural areas.  Take for instance upstate New York, or areas of Colorada outside of Denver.  These areas are packed full of trees, so much so that we’ve no longer got a problem with deforestation in the United States (this trend is also represented in Europe and most other “developed” countries, as the need for timber wood has been carefully balanced against the use of trees and the replenishment of forest areas).  You would think that this is a perfect area to escape “the grid”, as it were, but the big tech companies as well as the government have other plans for it.

Tree Service Professionals Talk About The Issue

If you want to get the scoop on how technology becoming ever more present in our nations trees and natural lands, we can talk right to the source.  Tree services spend all day in the trees, largely in the suburbs working on homes or businesses.  However most also have experience with larger scale forestry which takes into account both urban areas of trees (like city parks, for instance) and larger areas that more resemble forests before civilization encroached (national parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite, for instance).  Tree service denver colorado is one example, as they have access to both the suburban nature seen outside of many cities as well as the Rocky Mountains and their exceeding natural wonders.

What they’ve mentioned to us (under the condition of anonymity) is intriguing, if not frightening.  We’ll talk more about it on our next update to this article.  Expect it in the next few weeks.


Microwave technology in cell phones

Cell phones have become the most widely used wireless communication device but most people do not know how it works. A cell phone is just like a two way radio, you can send as well as receive information wirelessly. There are several major components of a cell phone system including: a network processing center, cell towers and the cell phone itself.


The microwave is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Communication within a cell network is made possible by the cell towers, the cell phone establishes a wireless connection using electromagnetic waves of the nearest cell tower creating a two way connection that allows you to send and receive information. The cell tower is connected to the cell network making it possible to communicate with any other phone in the world.  Additionally other discount cell phone accessories make sure of shortwave radio waves and microwaves, including bluetooth devices.

Therefore when you call another cell phone in the same network, the cell phone connects to the cell tower which in turn connects to the processing center of the network. The network connects to another cell tower which connects to the receiver’s cell phone. This happens in barely a second.
Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic waves just like ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, gamma rays and x-rays. There are many applications of microwaves including in communication, cooking and radar. The wavelength of a microwave ranges from one metre to one millimetre

How microwaves work in cell phones

Microwaves are used in cell phones to receive and send a text message, information, video clips as well as images. A cell phone receives microwave signals from the closest transmitter then sends a microwave signal back. The microwave radiations transmit a lot of information in a short time. The microwaves are generated by a small antenna meaning that the cell phone does not have to be big. Wi-Fi also uses microwaves.

Drawback of microwave technology in cell phones

Since cell phones are small, they cannot put out much power and they require a line of sight to the closest transmitter. This means that cell phone companies should have many transmitter towers to be able to serve many customers.

Danger of microwave technology in cell phones

Since the mobile phone is held right on the head, research has indicated that the doses of microwave radiation in cell phones can affect a user’s brain. Young people with growing brains are more vulnerable to this danger.  To reduce the effects of microwave radiation, cell phone users should not spend too long on the phone.

Here’s a video talking about this very subject: